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Hi all. Just letting you know I have an article on blogging published in this month’s edition of WQ, the Queensland Writers Centre newsletter. If you’re a Queensland writer, I recommend joining the Centre – lots of useful information in the newsletter each month, including competitions and opportunities, as well as thoughtful and up-to-the-minute articles. Happy reading!


About andreabaldwin

I'm a freelance writer, publishing travel articles and features. I also write short fiction and novels for adults, young adults and children. I've been a registered psychologist for 20 years, and my past careers have included clinical psychology, organisational psychology, and management. I'm interested in the interactions between people and places, particularly how the natural environment supports the health of individuals and communities, and the importance of caring for our environment. I'm also interested in the ways people use writing to better understand their own thoughts and feelings, and to connect with others.
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2 Responses to Article on blogging

  1. Hi there. I read about your blog in WQ so came to have a look. I’m a blogspot blogger and WP and blogger don’t support each other. It only accepts my twitter page to leave comments. I regularly attend workshops at the QWC and feel very lucky to live in Brisbane so I can attend. Congrats on being published in Viewpoint.


    I blog at: if you’d like to pay me a visit…

    • Hi Denise, Thanks very much for reading my piece in WQ, and for dropping in. I live in Brisbane too, and have been trying to get more involved in the literary scene through Queensland Writers Centre and the Brisbane Writers Festival. I popped over to have a look at your blog – seems very lively there, with the “challenges” and people writing pieces in response. Nice work!

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