West Cork Literary Festival

Cover of WQ Magazine Feb 13I’m back! Much of the latter half of 2012 was spent travelling – first on Duyfken, then to Ireland, then South Africa. While in Ireland I was privileged to attend the wonderful West Cork Literary Festival, where I fell under the spell of poet, voyager and travel memoirist Theo Dorgan. Check out my festival review in the February edition of WQ, and fall in love with Theo here.

“Bantry, a small harbourside town in the far west of Ireland, may not be famed in song and story like Galway or Tipperary, but it stages a spectacular annual gathering of readers and writers.

The story of how an international publishing house and world-class literary festival sprang in West Cork should inspire rural and regional literature-lovers everywhere…”


About andreabaldwin

I'm a freelance writer, publishing travel articles and features. I also write short fiction and novels for adults, young adults and children. I've been a registered psychologist for 20 years, and my past careers have included clinical psychology, organisational psychology, and management. I'm interested in the interactions between people and places, particularly how the natural environment supports the health of individuals and communities, and the importance of caring for our environment. I'm also interested in the ways people use writing to better understand their own thoughts and feelings, and to connect with others.
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