The Next Big Thing – I answer 10 questions

Hey, pop over to Fictioncraft to join in the fun of The Next Big Thing. I was tagged by Kathy George, and have in turn tagged Kate Zahnleiter. Authors answer 10 questions about their current or upcoming novels. I’m talking about my YA novel, Still Water. Enjoy!

Ocean channel between mossy rocks

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West Cork Literary Festival

Cover of WQ Magazine Feb 13I’m back! Much of the latter half of 2012 was spent travelling – first on Duyfken, then to Ireland, then South Africa. While in Ireland I was privileged to attend the wonderful West Cork Literary Festival, where I fell under the spell of poet, voyager and travel memoirist Theo Dorgan. Check out my festival review in the February edition of WQ, and fall in love with Theo here.

“Bantry, a small harbourside town in the far west of Ireland, may not be famed in song and story like Galway or Tipperary, but it stages a spectacular annual gathering of readers and writers.

The story of how an international publishing house and world-class literary festival sprang in West Cork should inspire rural and regional literature-lovers everywhere…”

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Short fiction published in Islet online magazine

Hey folks, I’ve had a short piece published in Islet – check it out here.


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Promising places

My review of Kári Gíslason’s book, The Promise of Iceland, has been published on Writing Bar. Read it here.

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“Sammy’s gone away, aboard a man o’ war”

I can now officially reveal that I’m shipping aboard Duyfken as a volunteer crew member. I’ll be joining the ship in Cooktown and sailing to Weipa, which should take approximately two weeks. She’s sailing home from Sydney to Fremantle, where she was built 14 years ago.

It’s very strange, trying to write something succinct about this, because since I first heard of Duyfken just a couple of months ago she’s become something of an obsession. I hope to write more lucidly after the voyage! Follow our progress on Facebook: Duyfken 1606.

I’ll be taking a break from blogging because I’ll be out of internet range on the ship, and heading for Ireland almost as soon as I get back, where the travel schedule may not allow much time for posting. I’ll be attending the West Cork Literary Festival in Bantry, the International Drama in Education Research Institute (IDIERI) in Limerick, and Galway Arts Festival in – you guessed it!

Don’t miss me too  much – I’ll be back in August, with plenty to say and share.

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Article on blogging

Hi all. Just letting you know I have an article on blogging published in this month’s edition of WQ, the Queensland Writers Centre newsletter. If you’re a Queensland writer, I recommend joining the Centre – lots of useful information in the newsletter each month, including competitions and opportunities, as well as thoughtful and up-to-the-minute articles. Happy reading!

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New love

Look at this ship, look at this lovely ship! I spent yesterday attacking her with a hair dryer. Well, actually a heat gun, but it works like a hair dryer, with low and high settings. If you turn it too high, bits of the hull start to smoulder; too low and you’ll never dry the timber where the iron keel meets the wood, and if you paint over it like that it’ll rot. So. Hair dryer. I’m not going to tell you all about Duyfken now, because I’m hoping this is the start of a beautiful friendship. But check her out here – she’s really special.

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